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File name, length and character restrictions for SharePoint

What are the file name restrictions of the document libraries, link lists, etc? It’s not really a question that I get regularly, but when it comes up I’ll have to look for it as I don’t know it from the top of my head. Here’s a list of general restrictions.

  • File and folder name lengths can’t exceed 128 characters in both WSS 2.0 as WSS 3.0
  • Link list items can’t exceed 256 characters
  • The entire path of files can’t exceed 260 characters

File and folder name restrictions:

  • Can’t be longer than 128 characters
  • Can’t use: ~ # % & * { } \ : < > ? / + | ”
  • Can’t use the period character consecutively in the middle of a file name (blah…blah.docx)
  • Can’t use the period character at the end of a file name
  • Can’t use the period character at the start of a file name
  • Can’t end with:
    • .files
    • _files
    • -Dateien
    • _fichiers
    • _bestanden
    • _file
    • _archivos
    • -filer
    • _tiedostot
    • _pliki
    • _soubory
    • _elemei
    • _ficheiros
    • _arquivos
    • _dosyalar
    • _datoteke
    • _fitxers
    • _failid
    • _fails
    • _bylos
    • _fajlovi
    • _fitxategiak

The same goes for site, subsite and site group names.

There are a couple more restrictions like size, but that’s quite dependent on the server configuration. You can check this blog post for more information about that.

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Posted by Mischa Oudhof

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  1. What is the maximum length of the comment field for files in SharePoint Server 2007?

    It is below 1023 – which is the displayed max length.

    • I think that you’re adding to the article, or are you asking that as a question?

      A multi line text field is Defined in sharepoint as a ‘Note’ type, this is stored in the the DB as a ntext sql type.

      The SQL type can store 2gb of char data, that’s 1,073,741,823 characters. This is of course not practical in a webbased environment. However I’m not sure if there’s a built in limit defined in SharePoint.

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