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Access denied in SharePoint 2010

Recently I did an update run on my SharePoint 2010 farm and I fixed some errors that were showing in the event log. This resulted in one specific error that resulted in an Access Denied on one of the sub-sites. The permissions weren’t changed and even the Site Collection Administrator account was denied access. Here’s what the solution was.

One of the errors that I tried to fix was setting the portal super reader account for proper caching. Unfortunately I didn’t take the time to actually read up on it and I just entered an account that “should” work.

This resulted in an error in ULS about the Navigation not being able to be properly accessed. This was directly related to the access denied error. Seems like setting the account wasn’t such a good idea. So I reset the property which instantly fixed the problem.

To find out how to properly set the “portal super reader account” and also the “portal super user account” visit the link below:

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Posted by Mischa Oudhof

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