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Black screen in PowerPoint 2010

When showing a slideshow in PowerPoint 2010 through Remote Desktop, the screen might come up black. By disabling hardware graphics acceleration you can get the slides to show normally. To do this, go to File > Options in PowerPoint and select Advanced. Then check the Disable hardware graphics acceleration option to fix the problem.

Also you can temporarily black the screen by pressing the B button on your keyboard. If white suits your presentation more, you can press the W button on your keyboard.

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Posted by Mischa Oudhof

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  1. This fix above did not work for me but I will share what did work. I came across another blog where a user talked to MS support & confirmed a DLL within office is the culprit as it has problems with Aero over Remote Desktop, and there will likely be no fix since Windows 8 has dumped Aero. The workaround is to disable Aero themes while using Powerpoint. Here are 2 of the least intrusive ways that I know of to achieve this, I confirmed this works for me from a Windows 7 client to a Windows Server 2008R2 RD Session host:
    1) This option keeps Aero on but disables it only while Powerpoint is running. It is good because this fix will “stick” no matter what the Remote Desktop client settings are: On the remote host, click Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office then right-click on Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and click Properties. On the Properties window, click the Compatibility tab and place a check in the box “Disable Desktop Composition” then Apply. (If you have other users on this PC/server, then click “Change settings for all users” first, then check the box). What will now happen is whenever you open Powerpoint, your desktop theme will switch to Windows Basic which allows Powerpoint to run smoothly. When you close Powerpoint the prior Aero theme comes back.
    2) This second option disables Aero completely on the Remote Desktop connection; it is useful if you want a slightly faster remote experience over WAN but want the local PC experience to be all Aero. Right-click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon and click Edit. Then on the Experience tab, uncheck Desktop Composition and then click Save on the General tab.

  2. Yeah! Changing the composition setting on Powerpoint did the trick for me!

  3. None of the above worked for me. Is there somewhere else to start from?

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