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The specified service does not exist as an installed service

I had a user today that had some problems with downloading data from the internet. He could browse most internet sites, but some of the content would generate errors like “Unable to download”. The network icon in the task bar had a red cross through it.

This was a hint that something with the network was wrong, so I started the Network and Sharing Center. This showed me the error below.

Something was definitely wrong. I compared the services to another PC and this soon showed a couple of services missing. Amongst the missing services were: Backgroup Intelligent Transfer Service and Network List Service which probably caused the aforementioned problems. I decided to reinstall the PC, because it would probably have more issues than these visible ones and I didn’t have the time to investigate. I suspect that something went wrong during the WDS rollout or the updates because the user didn’t work on the PC for that long.

I guess it’ll have to remain a mystery…

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Posted by Mischa Oudhof

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