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Room List Distribution Group

I just came across another Exchange 2010 surprise that I would like to share with you. When you are creating a new meeting and need a room to have the meeting in, you would normally add all the rooms and see which one is available. The guys behind Exchange 2010 came up with a solution for this. They introduced the Room List.

The room list is essentially a distribution group but with an added parameter. Unfortunately you can’t create a Room List in the Exchange Management Console, so you’ll have to use the Exchange Management Shell (PowerShell) for this. The command is quite straight forward.

New-DistributionGroup -Name "Meeting Rooms" –Members ConfRoom1,ConfRoom2,ConfRoom3,ConfRoom4 -RoomList

As you can see, the -RoomList parameter makes all the difference!

People no longer need to sift through the meeting rooms manually. They can now effectively use the Room Finder to find a suitable room.


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Posted by Mischa Oudhof

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  1. Just a question,
    to add a new meeting room for the list, do you go through the EMS or you can use the EMC?

  2. Created this using the above command but my rooms are not showing in the drop down window

  3. Hey.. we are facing issue with the outlook not pulling rooms from room lists.. we have exchange 2013 exchange .. but these rooms are visible in Owa

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