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Reset the domain (controller) policy GPOs

Somehow the default domain policy got borked during an import of GPOs. I had to restore the domain policy and luckily Microsoft created a tool for that. The tool is included in Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 and is specially made for restoring the Default Domain Policy and Default Domain Controller Policy group policy objects.

C:\>dcgpofix /?

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Operating System Default Group Policy Restore Utility v5.1

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. 1981-2003

Description: Recreates the Default Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for a domain

Syntax: DcGPOFix [/ignoreschema] [/Target: Domain | DC | BOTH]

/target: {Domain | DC | BOTH}Optional. Specifies the GPO to be restored — the Default Domain Policy GPO, the Default Domain Controllers Policy GPO, or both.


Optional. Use this switch to have this tool ignore the schema version of the Active Directory. Otherwise this tool will only work on the same schema version as the Windows version in which the tool was shipped.

As easy as that!

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