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Microsoft Office 2010 customization tool

To create a patch file (.MSP) for Office 2010 you have to run the following command:

setup.exe /admin

After running this command a window will be presented where you can select which product of your Office 2010 deployment you want to customize (only if you have Visio, Project or other installation sources combined).

After making the selection you’ll be asked if you want to use a different default file type. Some companies use Open XML or OpenDocument formats to be able to use the documents with other software like OpenOffice.

After selecting the file type you’ll see the deployment settings window. Here you can customize the settings for your Office 2010 product deployment.

Afterwards you’ll have to store the .msp file by selecting the Save or Save As option in the File menu.

To use the .msp file during the installation you’ll have to specify it in the command line. The following command will start the setup with a .msp file that is located in the same folder as setup.exe.

Setup.exe /adminfile “office-install.msp”

You can also use the .msp files to remove a portion of the Office 2010 installation, then you’ll have to sequence the uninstall after the complete install. This way you can automate the exceptions in a corporate environment as well.

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