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Creating a GPO Central Store

If you’re using GPOs, which you most likely are, then you’re best off with a central store for your GPOs. The central store is located in the sysvol of the domain. You can find it on your domain controller or through \\domain\sysvol\.

To create a central store you have to create a folder in the sysvol for the policy definitions.

  • Navigate to \\<domain>\sysvol\<domain FQDN>\Policies\
  • Create the folder PolicyDefinitions
  • Create a subfolder in PolicyDefinitions

Now you have a central store, but what’s a central store without contents. Let’s copy the default files to it.

  • On your DC navigate to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions
  • Copy all the files and folders to your central store (ADMX files and language folders like en-US)

If you have any other ADMX files that you want to copy to your central store this is the time!

The central store is automatically consulted by the Group Policy Management Editor. All the installed ADMX templates should now be visible in the GPME under the Administrative Templates section. Here you’ll also see that it’s pulling from the central store.

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