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Kaspersky Admin Kit data backup task

During the setup of a new Kaspersky Administration Kit instance, I ran into a couple of issues. One of which was that the Administration Server data backup task was giving errors. The error was:

Severity: Error
Application: Kaspersky Administration Kit
Version number: 8.0.2090
Task name: Administration Server data backup
Computer: Administration Server <*********>
Group: Managed computers
Time: tuesday 24 august 2010 2:00:53
Description: Backup operation failed, check if SQL Server has access to the destination folder.

Unlike a lot of error messages this one is quite descriptive (Thank you Kaspersky!). Due to this it didn’t take me long to figure out where the problem was.

I’m running the Admin Kit with a remote SQL server instead of running it with the SQL Express engine. The Admin Kit task assumes that the database is on the same server, thus local paths are used by default. To solve the problem create a share somewhere and provide access to the service account of the Admin Kit. Restart the backup task (this will take down the Admin Kit service for a couple of minutes) and presto!

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Posted by Mischa Oudhof